Monday, March 30, 2009

Legal free music on the internet

Many people know that they can get free music from the internet. However, not many people know how to get free music from the internet LEGALLY. There are many ways to do this, you just need to pick the method(s) that are most comfortable to you and suitable for your listening needs.
  1. Spiralfrog - Spiralfrog is a website powered purely by the advertisements they place on the website. And believe me, there are tons of ads placed on the site. They also require you to use a downloader program built specifically for Spiralfrog to download their music. Spiralfrog does allow you to download music and listen to it on your computer, however, burning it to a CD is against the rules.
  2. Pandora - Pandora is an internet 'radio' streaming site. This means you will never be able to download the music, but you can listen to everything free of charge. Pandora works by allowing you to enter an artist or song, and then it will select songs 'similar' to it through it's experimental music matching algorithm. This becomes your 'station' which can be shared with others or listened to again by yourself. Pandora will learn what you like to hear over time. You can skip a limited number of songs on the radio listings. Also, at anytime you can give a song a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Pandora adjusts the station in reaction to these actions.
  3. Last.FM - Last.FM is also an internet radio site. Stations are not as adjustable as Pandora, similar to real life radio stations. However, there are a large variety of stations so it is likely you will find something you like. Many music videos and songs can be played independently from the 'radio' on this website as well.
  4. AOL Music - AOL Music has a large selection of videos, songs and music news. Unlike most websites, these songs can be played on demand and for free with limited interruption from advertisements. AOL tends to cover a lot of artists, but not many songs from each artist.
  5. MySpace Music - Much like AOL Music, MySpace Music has a large variety of songs, probably more than any other free music website. However, the music archives are almost completely non navigable. MySpace also includes alot of low quality recordings and rips of songs.
Now you can listen to music legally without breaking your wallet.


  1. Downloading music (not just listening to it, but being able to take it with you on a CD or MP3 player) isn't what it used to be.

    Before there were a LOT of issues with the government causing a fuss if you were caught downloading music and this and that and the other. Now though that has pretty much died down.

    A LOT of people use Limewire or another P2P program to download music. The government has pretty much given up on trying to prosecute people for this. My theory is as long as you aren't downloading a couple hundred or thousand a day you should probably be alright. People ripping movies/DVDs seems to be more of an issue now than music anyways.

  2. These are pretty good links, as my friend had his internet shut down because of P2P programs, and actually got a cease and desist letter. However, is this music royalty free as well? Because I might want to use some of it for a Youtube video.

  3. Umm, as long as you're not using it for profit it should be okay. Don't quote me on that though.