Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quality search engines OTHER than Google

Amongst the many people I talk to, Google seems to be ubiquitous. However, many people do not know of alternate search engines. In fact, some time it may be more useful to have an alternate search engine. I currently use Google for most of my searching. When I feel like I need a change of pace or I feel like I am not getting what I need from Google, I make use of these search engines:
  • Yahoo!: You've heard of Yahoo, haven't you? At one time or another you must have come across Yahoo's name in an article or some type of search. Despite the tough times that yahoo is going through (in regards to trying to stay with the ad market), it does provide pretty good search results. Yahoo may have less 'useful' listings but at the same time it has less 'junk' than Google.
  • Ask: Ask is pretty unique compared to other search engines. Ask has a proprietary algorithm for it's searches that allows you to ask questions rather than searching for articles using relevant key words. If I was looking for a specific answer to a simple question, I could enter the question in lieu of finding an article and sifting through the data. For example, if I wanted to learn how old George Washington was when he became president, I could type "how old was george washington when he became president" into ask. On other search engines, I would have to look up a general page on George Washington and try to find that piece of information.
  • Dogpile: Dogpile is a unique search engine. Instead of crawling the web to get it's own results, it uses results from Google, Ask, Yahoo and Live Search to display the most relevant content. Dogpile is best used when you are looking up a very specific item/article.
  • Picsearch: Unlike most search engines, Picsearch is just an image search. If you are looking for an image, this should be the first place you look. Sometimes Google images just doesn't cut it.
  • ChaCha: ChaCha's search feature is just as good as any other search engine. Because search engines are not always enough, ChaCha has a 'guide' option for you to use. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, you can ask a ChaCha guide for help. These guides are people paid by ChaCha that sift through search results and use their own intelligence to find what you need. In addition to being used on the internet, you can also text or call ChaCha to recieve answers from these guides.
  • Alexa: Alexa sorts it's search results by relevance AND popularity. Due to this simple fact, you will find more high quality results at the beginning of Alexa's results, as opposed to search engines that index by pagerank and relevance.


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