Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Firefox 3.5 Released Today, Faster Browsing!

Earlier today, the long awaited Firefox 3.5 was released. If you are currently a Firefox user, upgrading to 3.5 is a must. If you do not currently have Firefox, it may be time for you to start.

Firefox 3.5 has had a lot of performance improvements. The new Tracemonkey javascript engine is a lot faster and more robust. In addition, DNS prefetching allows you to click from page to page with less latency. The new rendering engine renders pages more efficiently. Overall, Firefox 3.5 has a smaller memory footprint. For the non-techie user, this just all means faster than fast browsing!

In addition to the improvements in performance, the new release of Firefox includes a great deal of new features. Most notably, Firefox has adopted some of HTML5, including the new audio and video tags. This allows for the playing of movies and music without installing a third party plugin. Furthermore, a private browsing mode has been added. Similar to the 'incognito' mode of Google's Chrome browser, Firefox will not store any information while in this mode (dubbed the pr0n or porno mode by many). Native JSON and CSS3 support are also featured in this release.

Many changes have been made to existing Firefox 3 features. For example, location bar that automatically made suggestions based upon your bookmarks has been changed to allow it to search through history instead. Also, bookmarking is also a one-click ordeal (by clicking on the star in the location bar). Plus, the canvas elements have been changed to bring them up to web standards.

Upgrade to Firefox 3.5 today.

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