Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google to make new operating system, the Google Chrome OS

According to Google's latest blog post on the Official Google Blog, Google intends to make a new operating system focused upon the Google Chrome web browser. The new OS will be based of the Linux kernel, so compatibility shouldn't be too much of a problem. Although not many details have been released yet, it boasts a new 'windowing' system. The main goal of this operating system is to be lightweight and is targeted towards netbooks.

Although Google is pretty authoritative, many web users are not sure Google can break Microsoft's grip on netbooks. Even though many OEMs offer linux distributions in lieu of a windows installation on many netbooks, consumers tend to buy what they are familiar with. This may be a limiting factor for the new operating system. Also, Google's seemingly endless BETA tag on their projects may deter people from adopting this operating system early, hurting it in the long run. Compatibility is also an issue amongst consumers, who prefer to use Microsoft's OS with the applications they are familiar with. However, Google's wide range of web based programs and format compatibility with many Microsoft products may be enough to get people to switch.

I for one am excited about the new release and will be purchasing a netbook in the near future, hopefully with this new operating system.


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