Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Frozen Zune

At 2AM this morning (CDT), mass amounts of Microsoft Zunes froze. Zune players reset and go to reboot but get stuck at the booting screen. Although most reports say that 30gb models have only been effected, I have seen many people having the same issues with the other sizes as well. I do not have much information nor a fix right now, but I will have one posted as soon as I know. I would appreciate it if anyone reading this that has any more information can please comment it here or contact me. I would like to get my Zune fixed and I would like to help spread more information on this mini-crisis.

According to THIS, Microsoft has no fix yet. It will probably be a long wait.

As a side note, many people are saying that you can stop the infinite boot up screen by taking your Zune apart and disconnecting the battery for over 10 seconds. I have not tried it myself but it appears to work. I do not recommend it though, seeing as it would void your warranty.

What a great way for Microsoft to say goodbye to 2008!


Apparently the frozen Zune issue is due to a problem with the Zune's internal time. Zune thinks that each year has 365 days and did not account for a leap year, so theoretically, when Microsoft gets up off their asses and finds out this is the problem, it will have already corrected itself... (tomorow) Ill be posting at midnight to see whether the new date fixed anything.


It is midnight where I live, or a little past it. I checked my Zune. After running out of batteries and recharging, still doesn't work. I will wait a few hours to check again. The internal clock could be calculating a different timezone or something. I just hope it works.

According to THIS new support article, I need to wait until 7AM my time for it to work. Oh well...

Works fine now. Microsoft better make up for this some how.


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