Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ubuntu PWNZ Windows and Mac

No matter what version of Windows (Xp, Vista, ME) or Mac (Leopard, Tiger) you choose,they both cannot compare to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a free, versatile, open-source operating system that is easily installed onto many computers.

Unlike Windows and Macintosh, Ubuntu can run live (that is, without being installed onto your computer. Take note that running Ubuntu live is alot slower than it would be when actually installed.) to try it out before having to install it. You can choose Ubuntu to be your primary OS (getting rid of Windows or Mac) or you can set it to dual boot, giving you a choice of whatever OSes you have and Ubuntu each time your computer restarts. More information about the installation can be found on the Ubuntu homepage.

The advantages of Ubuntu greatly outweigh the time it takes to install it. (10-30 minutes on average) The current release (8.10) of Ubuntu comes with a multitude of free software (Open Office, Firefox, Pidgin, + more) and tends to run alot faster than Windows and Macintosh. Don't worry about leaving your favorite Windows or Mac based programs behind, many emulators can be installed into Ubuntu to allow you to access those programs.

You can get Ubuntu through the official website (please note that you will need to download the disc image and then burn it to a CD) or ordering a live CD from many online retailers. (google is your friend)


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